How to Cook Videos are proud to work with the Heart Foundation on the development of cooking videos for use in their Fuelled4Life programme.

The programme is designed to support teachers, parents, caregivers and food preparers to make healthier choices for the children in their care

Managed by the Heart Foundation, Fuelled4life is a collaborative initiative involving the education, health and food industry sectors working together to supply healthier food in schools and early learning services.


Trio of Healthy Snacks Courgette Marbles Bread Baskets
Baked Kumara Snake Tomato Capsicum Pasta Sauce One Minute Dips 2
Coleslaw Kumara Wedges with Tomato Salsa Kumara Ham Pineapple Frittata
Vegetable Potato Topped Bake Vegetable Scones Vegetable Curry
Potato Tuna Patties Courgette Based Pizza Cottage Pie 2
 Two ways with cauliflower Rainbow StirFry  Two ways with eggplant2