Silverbeet smoothie

Try this delicious green smoothie for breakfast.

Silverbeet smoothie


Makes 2 glasses

1 bunch silverbeet, stalks removed and leaves chopped
1 apple, cored and quartered
1 tsp chopped fresh ginger
1 avocado, destoned and skinned
1 tsp runny honey
300 ml water


Place all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth, adding more water if necessary.
Pour into glasses and serve.

Note: Use the silverbeet stalks in soups and stocks.

Nutrition Information Panel

Per Serving [2 Serves]
Energy 1360kj
Protein 7.7g
Total fat 23.0g
- saturated fat 3.2g
Carbohydrates 16.4g
- sugars 15.9g
Fibre 13.0g
Sodium 296mg

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