How to prepare

These videos are a starter guide to preparing vegetables.

For the vegetable cuts taught and used in the hospitality industry click here for the videos, and here to read about them.

The 'How to' videos are available by clicking on the image below, or on one of these links.

Chop broccoli florets   Prepare Brussels sprouts   Chop cabbage   Slice cabbage    Slice capsicum   Chop capsicum   Prepare cauliflower rice   Dice carrots   Slice carrot sticks   Slice carrots   Grate celeriac   Slice celery   Slice Daikon radish   Slice fennel   Grate kohlrabi   Chop kohlrabi   Slice leeks   Prepare onion wedges   Chop kūmara   Chop pumpkin   Slice silverbeet   Slice tomato   Chop tomato   Slice yams 

Herbs: Chop parsley   Slice coriander   Chop chives

How to chop broccoliHow to prepare Brussels sprouts2How to chop cabbage2How to slice cabbage3How to slice capsicumHow to roughly chop capsicumHow to prepare cauliflower ricecarrots dice2carrots slice2carrots rough2celeriac grate2

How to slice celery


How to grate kohlrabiHow to chop kohl rabi

leeksonions 2

How to roughly chop kumaraHow to roughly chop pumpkinHow to slice silverbeet2

How to slice a tomato3

How to roughly chop a tomato

How to slice yamsHerbs

How to finely chop parsleyHow to slice corianderHow to chop chives