Catering Guidelines have developed a set of guidelines and sample menus which will assist you to develop healthy food options for your events.

Catering for organisational meetings and sponsored events provides the opportunity to showcase fresh New Zealand grown vegetables.

It also demonstrates your commitment to the Ministry of Health’s Eating and Activity Guidelines for New Zealand Adults 2018. These guidelines provide evidence based population health advice on healthy eating.


Eating Statement 1

Enjoy a variety of nutritious foods every day including:

  • Plenty of vegetables and fruit.
  • Grain foods, mostly whole grain and those naturally high in fibre.
  • Some milk and milk and milk products, mostly low and reduced fat.
  • Some legumes, nuts, seeds.
  • Fish and other seafood, eggs poultry and/or red meat with the fat removed.


Eating Statement 2

Choose and/or prepare foods and drinks with;

  • unsaturated fats instead of saturated fats,
  • that are low in salt (sodium), if using salt, choose iodised salt;
  • with little or no added sugar; and
  • that are mostly ‘whole’ and less processed.