BLOG NEWS: Vegetables feature in US food predictions for 2013

selection of vegetables

Food predictions for the US in 2013

US consumer research company, Sterling-Rice Group, has released its predicted food trends for 2013.

In 2013 vegetables will be available in many ways on the menu – look for cauliflower steaks, squash noodles, and celery juice cocktails. Usually vegetables are a side-dish in traditional American cuisine, however, the prediction is that vegetables won’t just be found on the salad plate.

Celebrity chefs, restaurateurs and food lovers around the United States, provide predictions that will help food companies develop, position and market their food products.

US consumers will enjoy the following food trends next year:

- Vegetables take over the plate: vegetables will get their chance to star as the main dish and no longer be prepared just as a side dish or salad.
- The spicy and fresh flavours of Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea will give consumers a new take on comfort food.
- Chefs will exchange butter and bacon for broth and beets. The result will be better-for-you food that actually tastes good.
- Food palates are predicted to move beyond sweet, salty and fatty, to tart, acidic, and bitter.

Other trends predicted are smaller servings, fruit used in savoury dishes, and more restaurants offering gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan meals.

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