BLOG NEWS: Yellow carrots

Early reports on carrots showed they were available in a range of colours; purple, yellow, red and white. From the 16th century they were mostly orange and now we see a re- introduction of various coloured carrots. They are so versatile, they are available all year round, suit most cooking methods and can be prepared in a variety of ways; rings, grated slices, julienne, batons and chopped,

Store carrots in cool temperatures away from ethylene producing fruits and vegetables [apples, tomatoes, passion fruit, stone fruit, bananas, avocados, paw paw, kiwifruit, pears and melons]

It’s true - carrots do help you see in the dark. They contain carotene which is converted into vitamin a in the body and forms visual purple which is required for vision in dim light.

Try these ideas;

Carrot juice, chilled with a celery stick ‘straw’

Carrot soup with orange zest and juice and chopped coriander

Roasted carrots, whole with roast meats or sliced in Panini

Carrot, thinly sliced and flash fried for crisps

Blend cooked carrot with olive oil and flavour with Moroccan spices for a tasty dip

Slice carrot thinly lengthways, then dry or dehydrate for snacks

Serve baby carrots or whole spring carrots on anti –pasta platters

Grate carrots and make popular carrot cake, muffins or loaves.