Tablets on the tabletop

Some US Restaurants are using tabletop tablets; this can lead to an improvement in the overall casual dining experience for everyone involved resulting in increased guest satisfaction, staff efficiency and revenue.

How do tabletop tablets affect the dining experience?

Guests expect to be greeted and served throughout the meal and this will continue to be true, even with a tablet on the table. The point of a tablet is to make things faster and easier for the guest. This may mean that a guest could use the tablet to be able to pay the bill at the table instead of waiting for the server. For other things, it will be faster and easier for the guest to tell the server; with one tablet per table, it would not be convenient or expedient to have a table of 4 or 6 to place their orders individually.

Benefit for wait staff

The main benefit of these restaurant-ready tablets is that they help servers do a better job serving their customers. Customers can use the tablet while the server explains the menu options. Tablets help ensure that wait staff can spend more quality time with their customers.

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