Congratulations to Jan Bilton - Taste Waikato

Indian style Onion Salad crop small

Congratulations to multi-award winning food writer, Jan Bilton, who has created wonderful recipes for ‘Taste Waikato’.  

With text by Michael Ryan, this book fabulously showcases Waikato’s great produce and the people who grow this wonderful produce. Onions, capsicums, asparagus are some of the vegetables commercially grown in the mighty Waikato.

We like this awesome onions quote “in terms of versatility, onions run rings round most other vegetables, especially those in Lord of the rings Hobbiton country”.

The image is Indian–style onion salad, credit Rotary Cambridge’s ‘Taste Waikato’ fundraiser cookbook.

More about red onions:

Red onions have burgundy red skins and red tinged flesh. Spanish type red onions are large and round, while Californian red onions tend to be flatter and milder. They are mild, sweet and juicy and are delicious eaten raw in salads, used as a garnish or added to sandwiches. Globe shaped red onions are more pungent and taste more like a main crop onion.