Fusion food – some views from leading chefs

Four leading chefs were asked "What are your thoughts on fusion food? Can it work without diluting culture and identity?"

Samuel North – Terrôir Craggy Range: Love it. I do a lot of fusion at Muse and it works wonders. It definitely dilutes culture, however. There are so many good flavours out there, for example, I am a big fan of kaffir lime leaves. Thai people use this for curries or sauces, whereas I infuse it into my chocolate or ice-creams and it tastes great.

Michael Newlands – Bracu: Fusion food is a bit like abstract art. Only a few people, such as our own Peter Gordon, are able to do it well enough for everyone to be able to appreciate it. I think if you take any ingredient and treat it with honesty and sincerity then the result will be great.

Sid Sahrawat – Sidart: I think fusion food is okay in the right hands. It is okay to borrow ingredients from other cultures but not to bastardise their traditional dishes.

Shane Yardley – Fish: All food has different influences. It doesn’t matter where you are from, the food in the north of a country can be very different from the food in the south, However, if the culture and religion are the same north and south, then there will always be a specific natural fusion, which is great, It is when you cross the boundaries of a culture and a food culture that there’s no justice to anyone.

Source: Destinations Vol 1, 2014