International Dietitians Day

International Dietitians Day – March 12th 2014

 “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right”

Dietitians help people enjoy the taste of eating right every day, but March 12th is a special day. International Dietitians Day celebrates the work of this invaluable group of health care professionals.

Celebrate the work of dietitians by trying one of these tips for a tasty nutritious meal:

  • Go nuts with nuts by adding them to your fresh green beans, broccoli or baby spinach salad.
  • Wrap up the flavour with wholemeal tortilla wraps. Try grilled chicken, cold peanut sauce and salad or fresh fish with avocado salsa and coleslaw. Tortillas can be used with refried beans, tomatoes and feta for a toasted sandwich with a twist.
  • Add red pepper, pineapple or mushrooms to meat, chicken or fish kebabs, serve with a bit of potato or rice salad and loads of greens
  • Crunch into fresh corn off the cob. Spice it up with a sprinkle of paprika, Parmesan and chopped coriander or cracked black pepper.
The primary goal of International Dietitians’ Day is to raise awareness of registered dietitians as the key nutrition experts in New Zealand.

For more information about what a dietitian can do for you, or to locate a dietitian in your area go to