The National Secondary Schools Culinary Challenge

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Join us today for live blog updates of the final of the National Secondary Schools Culinary Challenge (NSSCC). With one hour until kick off, the teams and judges are starting to get prepared and complete their final phases of preparation.

Today we have ten teams competing from around the country who have all had to win their regional finals. Over 50 teams have competed so far throughout the country and it all comes down to today for these 10 teams of students.

The competition commences at 1pm and we wish all the teams the best of luck.12:45, the teams are completing the final stages of set up and are roaring to go.

The teams are required to use Beetroot as their main component on their entrées and 3 other fresh NZ grown Vegetables as a part of their mains.
1:00pm and we are all go! The teams have 90 minutes ahead of them, full of stress and panic. Good luck to everyone.
The teams are starting to dish up their entrées, we have never seen beetroot being used in so many different and exciting ways.

Check these Entrées out!




The mains have all been dished up. Check these out.