The Vegetarian Dish Challenge is back again for 2015

This competition runs from March 1 - April 30, 2015 so get your entries in now!

Enter your vegetarian recipes: the Entry Form for entering the New Zealand Vegetarian Dish Challenge is now available. Read more about the competition and enter here.

Increasingly, chefs and caterers are being asked for vegetarian options for breakfast, lunch and dinner as plant-based diets are popular and important to many people.

Recipe Style Guide:
-  state the number of servings
-  list ingredients in the order used
-  state amounts of ingredients using these terms; Tbsp, tsp, g, kg, ml, L, cm, cup/s
-  use a method that uses all the ingredients listed
-  offer assembly / serving instructions
-  state clear cooking instructions
-  use potatoes or kumara as the starch component
-  do not include fungi.

Read more about the competition,  and enter here.