forum on wheels lunch menu

Over 30 chefs and food writers enjoyed a magnificent lunch at Bracu as part of the forum on wheels.

The menu created by Head Chef Mikey Newlands, was:

Bracu sourdough with cabbage butter


Plates to share
Garden beignets (cabbage, broccoli, borage) with green tomato honey
Baked potato skins, truffle and onion mousse
Spiced tomato gazpacho, celery seed and mustard ice cream
Bracu farm egg, white asparagus and Vin Jaune

Free range chicken baked in hay, with fermented carrots, kale and kohlrabi
Salad leaves with buttermilk and Pecorino
Lightly smoked new season’s potatoes

Caramelised tomato with 12 Flavours (Alain Passard) with basil sorbet