Roll over our school holiday ideas into weekends

Carrot salad

It’s school holidays, time for some fun, and a good time to try and establish some new habits in the house.  Here are some tips to practice over the break, to make healthy eating an every day habit:

- Have healthy snacks at the ready.  Each morning prepare a snack pack that the children can go to when they feel peckish.  No more nagging to you!  Carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, celery sticks, corn rounds, snow peas, slices of capsicum, cauli trees.  You’re in charge of what food is in the house, so you can set the options available/alternatives.

- Let the children choose how things are cooked/prepared, i.e. you choose the options, they choose the details – how do you want your carrots tonight?  Do you want peas or beans?  And let them help with the preparation.  Washing the vegetables, peeling them, mashing them.

- If you are dropping your child off for a play date, don’t tell the other mother what your child doesn’t like.  They are much more likely to eat it at someone else's house if offered, especially when everyone else is eating it.  And the same goes if someone comes to your house and you are told that they don’t eat something.  Offer it anyway.

- Role model, be seen doing it yourself.

- And persist.  Keep offering things your child doesn’t like.  One day they may just change their mind.

Happy Holidays!