Lunch box time again!

wraps roast veg 1

There is a unified 'Hooray' from mums across the country as children go back to school.  And a unified groan as we re-enter the world of school lunches. Every parent scrambles for ways to make this daily activity as least time consuming as possible while trying to keep the lunch box healthy as well as ensuring that it will be eaten…  Here are some tips that I have gathered from other mums facing the task.

  • When making the evening meal, consider if any would be suitable in lunch the next day - lunch doesn't have to be sandwiches.
  • Make a list of ideas you have and let your children choose from it, keep adding to it as you hear of new ideas (ask what other children have in their lunch boxes).  And refer back to 'old' ideas as 'not liking it anymore' is often only short lived
  • Do the same things in different ways e.g. cut sandwiches a different shape, give carrot rounds instead of carrot sticks, cut an orange in quarters instead of peeling it
  • Get your children to help (as much as time allows, mostly the night before)
  • Get some vegetables in there with these tasty sandwich alternatives:
  • Mini fritattas
  • Pizza bread
  • Roastie wraps
  • Roast vegetable pizza
  • Full your freezer with things that you can bring out in the morning and put in the lunch box e.g.:
  • Courgette and sultana muffins
  • Tomato and onion pinwheels
  • Mini muffins with tomato

Go forth and make lunches with enthusiasm!