A new meaning of Easter Bunny

Salad Vegetables blog

Who feels like they spend the whole of Easter trying to divert their children’s attention from chocolate?  For once I have actually embraced retailers sales tactic of selling anything and everything to do with the occasion.

So, at our house, the children got soft toy, fluffy bunnies, and little bouncing chicks.  And at the start of Easter – a box of eggs.  Yes, real eggs.

So, over the next 3 days, we boil the eggs and colour them.  And eat them as many ways as possible.  ‘Easter eggs’: eggs on toast, quiche, scrambled eggs, runny eggs, bacon and egg pies, custard, omelette, pancakes….. oh… the challenge can be ongoing.

Then the bunnies – they sit at the table with us, and, they have to have their meals too.  And of course, what the bunnies eat, the children do too.  Carrot sticks for snacks.  Our bunnies are fans of hummus, and of course bunnies like salads.  A bowl of lettuce, with grated carrot, some tomato and cucumber, beetroot, spring onions, corn – anything you know bunnies eat.  Never before has salad been so popular.

All of course helped with the reminder of the possibility of a chocolate Easter egg on Sunday of course….

Happy Easter, happy distracting!