BLOG: Chips tempt toddlers

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The baby of the family is now happily munching away on a wide variety of fresh New Zealand vegetables - her favourites are pumpkin, broccoli and celery - I can rest easy, for now....
Having a 4 year old and 2½ year old, I know this stage of contently eating whatever is put in front of them, often does not last forever. Something happens to kids around the age of two and they start to refuse foods they previously happily devoured.
It is just a phase, which is something I need to keep on reminding myself, and not all children will go through this 'food resistance' stage.
However, my eldest, Blake, certainly did. He was an eater of all sorts of food as a 1-2 year old, but as soon as he hit 2, it all changed, which meant I had to adapt.
One trick I learned was pairing a favourite food, like peanut butter, with new raw vegetables. The familiarity of the peanut butter encouraged him to use it as a dip with the new vegetable.
This familiarity trick works also well with hot vegetables. I often do a variation of 'chips'. I cut potatoes, kumara, pumpkin and even carrots and courgettes into thick chips, and bake them in a little vegetable oil in the oven.
The fact that they are ‘chips’ works really well and the boys just love them.