BLOG: Cool summer treats

Carrot And Orange Popsicles_82914
I’m finding on hot days the perfect snack for my ever hungry kids is frozen vegetable iceblocks. I make them in large batches so I always have snacks on hand. As mentioned in the previous blog, smoothies are almost a daily fixture in my house. The green smoothie recipe works really well as a frozen treat.

I simply add an extra ½ cup of milk to the smoothie mix so it is a runnier consistency, place in iceblock moulds and freeze. They are so good for these hotter days, giving the kids what they want, while adding to their 5+ a day. There are some pretty cool iceblock moulds to be found too, but the old fashioned ones work just as well.

To make more of an iceblock, rather than icecream, juice 2 carrots with an apple, a peeled orange, and mix.  Place in moulds and freeze. This will fill 2 or 3 of the traditional home iceblock moulds.

I often make my kids a traffic light ice-block, which is a bit of fun. I make six at a time – I juice 2 Spinach leaves and 1 cored apple for the green layer, 1 chopped fresh beetroot with ½-1 cup orange juice for the red layer, and  3 carrots  for the orange layer.