BLOG: Vegetable and Fruit Summer Smoothies

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My kids are huge lovers of smoothies. I get asked most days to make them, and now Eavan can use a straw, she gets pretty upset if she's not given a big cup full, too. I use a base of yoghurt, milk and ice cubes, add a sweet fruit and then a choice of spinach, carrot, celery or cucumber. The big kids in the house – my husband and me like vegetable juices. The current favourite is beetroot, green apple, ginger with a little chilli.I get a good deal of satisfaction knowing the kids are being filled up with all sorts of goodness. Sometimes I make a strictly fruit smoothie, however it's great to get a few extra serves of vegetables into the kids via the smoothie.One of my kids was a little daunted by the green smoothie so I gave it a name. Its now known as The Ninja Turtle. The two eldest like to race to see who finishes first. I found this made the transition from all fruit smoothie to fruit and veg smoothie fast and easy. There are so many different combinations of vegetables  to try and be inspired to name each one.Basic Green Smoothie aka The Ninja Turtle Feeds 3 hungry preschoolers3 small bananas1 1/2 cups fresh baby spinach1 cup chopped pineapple200ml  yoghurt (flavoured or plain)3 cups milk4 ice cubesPlace all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into cups or long glasses and serve with 'compulsory' straw.