TomatoSalsa_1Guacomole Friends with children are always a great source of tried and tested tips and here is one I stored when at a friends last week.  When her children (aged 4 and 5) appeared with the all too familiar whine of ‘I’m hungrrryy’ she simple glanced at them and said ‘you know where the snack box is’.

They went to the fridge and got out a lunch box look container and she added ‘the dips are in the round ones’.  And that was it, they were munching, and silenced. I gave her a questioning look.  Her answer was simple – she had easily tired of that whine, so at the start of each day, she prepared a box full of snacks – generally chopped vegetables of sorts, carrots, swede, celery, capsicum, cucumber, and then had a supply of dips on hand.  She said that she didn’t need to be too imaginative with the veges if she just added variety with the dips, which she would make a one or 2 of every few days.  And we all know how much children love to eat with their hands!

Here are some of her 'dipping' ideas were:

  • Hummus:  Drain a can of chickpeas then put them in the blender with a clove of garlic, a tablespoon of oil and a tablespoon of lemon juice and blend until smooth
  • Cream or cottage cheese mixed with pesto or sweet chilli sauce
  • Peanut butter
  • Guacamole

  • Salsa
  • Natural yoghurt and pesto
  • Natural yoghurt blended with beetroot
  • Pasta sauce