Give the great gift of a love for vegetables

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It's December, it is officially time to think about Christmas, and of course gifts.  This year we have a very large gathering on Christmas Day, with 14 children under the age of 10. There has been a general consensus that the children should receive gifts, but not junk!  While it is good to have children entertained on Christmas day, often you drive away with clutter that won't get used again.  So we have an internal competition to try and avoid this in our gift giving. Our family are going to give the cousins seeds and seedlings of vegetables and fruit.  We ourselves planted our glass house out a number of weeks ago, and although we are yet to eat anything out of it,  the children love going in and seeing the plants pop up and grow, some fast, some more slowly, and of course, many not looking at all like the the edible part yet.  The packets are still next to where they have been planted so they are easily identifiable.  This has made vegetables a whole lot more interesting to them - in the supermarket they talk about each of the vegetables we have in the glass house, and where they are, and when they help prepare and eat them we talk about how they look at that stage compared to in the glass house.  They have claimed plants of their own, i.e. carrots or radishes, and this too has made them more passionate about 'their' vegetable.

So I think this will be a great longer term, 'non junk' gift for the cousins - even though they will not get a whole lot of eating out of them, they will get plenty of entertainment, and a whole lot more enthusiasm for eating vegetables all around.  So consider this too, if you have children for whom you don't know what to get.

And hopefully some of our carrots will be ready in time for the reindeer…..