BLOG: Introducing vegetables to my baby daughter

june baby foods
If you’ve got a picky eater, or are just starting your baby on solids, I found with my gorgeous daughter that it was important to feed her when she is hungry. If she had just had a milk feed, chances are she’ll turn her nose up at any form of solids, no matter how delicious. If she is hungry she is more likely to try a new food. Similarly, if she is over tired, sometimes I feel like I am fighting a battle!

I keep reminding myself that her hunger can vary from week to week, or even day to day. I try to be careful not to let her go too long without meals either.

I have turned to science and found; children have a natural predilection towards sweetness in foods, due to the first food they have – their mother’s milk- being sweet. Many studies back up this theory with results showing children are more likely to accept a new food when it matched with a sweet element.

One study gave children vegetables in their natural state after first having repeatedly given them the same vegetables paired with sweetness. The children showed an increased liking for the unsweetened version of the vegetables.

I found pairing my gorgeous daughter’s vegetables with a little fruit, or even plum or tomato sauce, she has been more likely to taste the newly introduced vegetable. I then slowly decrease the amount of sweetness I was adding, and before long she was gobbling up all their vegetables without a fuss.

Sometimes I toss a little pureed apple before serving  broccoli or celery up. There is always the back up of using a small amount of tomato or plum sauce as a dipping sauce

My littlest one wasn’t so keen on the ‘great iron’ adders like lambs fry.  But knowing how good it was for her growth, I persevered.  I found adding carrots, pumpkin and apple is a great idea. Spray a little oil into a pan and cook the lambs fry at a high heat until just pink in the middle. Place into a blender with some steamed carrot and pumpkin and a little pureed apple. Blend until smooth. As she got older I reduced the amount of apple and left it chunkier so she could taste the individual vegetables.