Lunch box ideas to get you through until the end of term

small tomato

Who started the year with a whizz and a bang and full of ideas for school lunch boxes and snack ideas, and is now petering out like the school term?

Here are some ideas to get you through the last few weeks of packing lunches, and hopefully useful for the holidays too.

  • Think little sizes for little fingers.
  • Make their sandwiches into small squares and ‘stick them’ on a skewer. Use any of the filling ideas below.
  • Use a cookie cutter to cut the sandwich into shapes.
  • Use wholemeal pita pockets instead of sandwiches
  • Filling ideas:
    • Avocado, grated carrot and vegemite
    • Mashed boiled egg and lettuce and tomato
    • Cream cheese and coleslaw – or any grated vegetable.
  • Or what about a ‘mini pizza’.  Use the wholemeal pita pocket, or an English muffin, and spread it with tomato paste, then add mushrooms, tomato, gherkin, onion, spinach and a little grated cheese.  Then grill and cool, and pack in the lunch box.
  • Or fritters for a change? Make them the day before and keep them in the fridge over night
  • Try a pasta salad – choose their favourite pasta shape and chop up some vegetables like capsicum, cucumber, tomato or corn and stir through mayonnaise.
  • Try putting the small pieces of vegetables in fun container – little snap locks with with stickers, or coloured cups with lids.  Cherry tomatoes or carrot, celery or cucumber sticks, snow peas or slices of capsicum.
  • Make a dip to go with them – light cream cheese or cottage cheese, hummus or a yoghurt based dip.
The end of term often means resorting to 'easy' lunch boxes, but use some of the above ideas to make sure that 'easy' is healthy too.