New guidelines and research to support healthier lifestyles

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The Ministry of Health has released two new publications this week that help to support families make healthier lifestyle decisions.

Sit Less, Move More, Sleep Well – Active Play Guidelines for Under-Fives includes information on the importance of active play, reduced sitting and screen time and good quality sleep for healthy growth and development.

The guidelines have been written to support health practitioners, early childhood education providers, regional sports trusts and others who provide advice on active play to parents and caregivers of young children.

How We Eat is a report that brings together and assesses evidence on eating behaviours and their influence on diet and body size.  It is designed to help health practitioners but can be of benefit to anyone interested in healthy eating.

The report is based on research commissioned by the Ministry of Health and carried out by Auckland University researchers Sarah Gerritsen and Associate Professor Clare Wall.  It covers breastfeeding, parental feeding practices, parenting style, adult role modelling, responsive eating, mealtimes and food literacy.

These publications complement the updated physical activity guidelines for children and young people aged 5-17 years that were released earlier this month and the Ministry’s Eating and Activity Guidelines. Together they add to work being done to reduce childhood obesity and ensure more New Zealanders live active, healthy lives.

More information, including the new publications is available on the Ministry of Health’s website.


Source: Ministry of Health