New year, new ways

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New year, new resolutions. What's it to be this year? If nothing else, new year resolutions are always a good topic of conversation at this time of the year as we spend time with friends and family. After hearing a few of my friends speak of their children's resolutions around eating better, more of, and less of various things, I challenged them to actually make it their own resolution to make this the preferred way of eating for their children.

So, take for example - one mother said on behalf of her daughter that she was going to eat more fruit and less/instead of biscuits. Instead of that being a new rule forced upon her, I suggested she endeavoured herself to make the fruit a preferred option that her daughter would want to choose. Don't have biscuits in the house. Have fruit out and able to be seen eg in a bowl on the table. Keep the fruit fresh not going soft or bruised and less desirable. Get her daughter to choose the fruit at the supermarket.

Similarly, another resolution for a child to 'eat their veges each day'. Challenge yourself again, to make eating vegetables something enjoyable that they want to do, as opposed to something forced upon them. Choose recipes they enjoy, cook them in different ways, get them to choose and help, think of other meals and snacks vegetables could be included in. Be persistant, keep offering even if they are rejected. For some ideas, check out this section of recipes.
Make it your resolution to make your child's resolution easy and enjoyable for them, and for once, it could be a resolution that lasts all year.

Good luck!