No way-ste!

Baked Frittata crop

In the midst of the holiday and barbecue season, I find myself faced with the dilemma when feeding the crowds….. how much food to prepare?  It is a hosts worst nightmare to not have enough food, however, if you are like me, you tend to really over cater.  And I also try to compensate and ensure that a barbecue is just about meat by having a good selection of vegetable/salads on offer.  At the start of the season, a green leafy salad is a novelty, but then it soon becomes ignored. Luckily,  along come the new season vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, peas, corn, beans, which are all nearly as easy to prepare as a green salad.

So with my tendency to over cater, the left over meat never seems to sit around to long, however, a bowl of vegetables is often looking at me the next day.  I hate waste.  And I also notice that in a barbecue setting - i.e. without sitting down at the table with parents next to them, my children tend to skip vegetables.  So, as solution to both, I use the following recipe to use the left over vegetables for a yummy lunch the next day.  I use any vegetables and I also make them in muffin pans as mini frittatas, more suitable for little people, and also portable if you are out and about or on the go.  Give it a go, and reduce the despair of over catering!


Baked Fritatta