Papatoetoe family fun day

vege chat

Papatoetoe family fun day was held at the Allan Brewster Leisure Centre in Papatoetoe on November 19th. Local children enjoyed a number of fun activities including colouring in our vegetable pages. Dietitians Sylvia Platt and Daisy Power entertained children at the stand.

The children were also involved in a game called Guess this vegetable. To be awarded prizes they had to correctly identify the vegetable and one way they could cook or eat it (they could ask mum and dad for help with this part!) It was great to see kids interested in touching and exploring vegetables they had never seen before. Parents commented that it was good to see their children taking an interest in new vegetables and wanting to try them at home themselves.

Go to the Download page of the Resource section of the website and download the colouring in activities shown in the image. These will help entertain your children during the holidays and wet weekends.