Stickers work for vegetables too

 Child Hand
Here’s some new research that I found personally relevant, and I am sure you too will be able to put into practice in your own households.  Researchers (from the University of Bath) found that providing incentives and a bit of competition was a successful way to get children to eat vegetables and fruit.  They found they could change children’s eating habits, and increase the proportion of children trying fruit and vegetables by up to a third.

They (600 children) were given stickers for each portion of fruit or vegetable they had at lunchtime.   Then they either got an extra reward (such as a felt pen) if they collected more than 4 stickers over the week or they got the extra reward if they were the person in their group that got the most stickers. Both the incentives and the competition proved successful.

I used the school holidays to kick this into action – first of all making a sticker (or tick) chart and deciding on some incentives (such as going to the park, or their choice for dinner on Friday night).

I am sure you have tried incentives to promote other positive behaviors, so why not try this one for the new school term?  To read more about the research: