Successful snacking


What about snacking?  This is a question I frequently get asked, and snacks are often perceived as a bad habit.  However, at a young age, toddlers and children need snacks as their tummies aren’t big enough to get everything they need at meal times.  And as they get older, they need snacks to keep their energy levels up and to help them concentrate.  However, it is the choice of snack that is important.  Serving them up chips, biscuits, cakes, and sweets are not going to give them sustained energy, nor will they get many important nutrients.

To start with, all your child’s snacks will be chosen by you, so ensure that you install good habits for when they do get to choose and buy their own snacks.  And remember that you are the role model – no point serving fruit and water to your child if you are snacking on chips and sweet drinks.

One of the best ways to avoid unhealthy snacking is being prepared and not getting caught out.  For me this started when I was pregnant – I learnt to always have a snack on hand as hunger was good at appearing out of no where.  And this has continued, always having a sensible snack on hand in the home or when out and about for the call of ‘Im hungryyyyyyyy’.

Take some cut up fruit or vegetable sticks.  Make some sandwiches or some savory muffins.  Try some of these recipes below, and store some in the freezer.

Mini Tomato Muffins

Mini-muffins Tomato

Courgette and Sultana Muffins


Mini Fritattas


Pin Wheel Scones