BLOG: The Beauty of Raw - Wash Cut Eat!

raw veges blog2

Wash, cut, eat!

There is a lot to be said for the attraction of raw vegetables. For kids, they get the crunch of the vegetable, they can eat them with their fingers and all the beautiful flavour and colours are retained.

They can be after school snacks, part of school lunch or, with some protein; an easy dinner.

The obvious suspects to try raw, are vegetables like tomato, carrot, celery, cucumber, capsicums and lettuce greens. And cut florets of  broccoli, cauliflower or fresh peas. Corn on the cob makes a great after school snack

I have on occasion fallen into the trap of worrying about how to come up with 'new' ways to serve up my kids their vegetables. How will I cook them, what will I cook them up with, sauce, no sauce etcetera etcetera. We do tend to cook the vegetable portion of our meals though, and we can forget how good vegetables can be when still raw. All of those wonderful nutrients retained, and of course; they are so easy to prepare!

If you don't already, next time, try serving up your vegetables raw.

You'll be glad you did.