The great Christmas feast - made easy!

450x0 Beetroot pumpkin seed salad

As Christmas Day is rushing towards us, we have not only divided and conquered with the gifts for everybody, but also the catering. Everyone is all too familiar with the excessively full feeling that results from Christmas dinner, so we've attempted to 'lighten' things up.  

Now, of course you have to have the turkey and ham, but we are going to also have 'sides' that are so tasty, peoples plates will be loaded more with vegetables.  We have sent out a list of what everybody is to bring, and given the challenge of new and exciting salads.

I think everyone has the more traditional generation, that won't consider it Christmas without the full roast, so roast vegetables are still on the menu of course, as well as new potatoes and new carrots. But the next generation, we are advocating for salads!  And if you are like our family, Boxing Day is a full family eating affair as well, so the salad theme will continue.  As children, we were't allowed to open our presents until the potatoes had been done.  

This year for our children, it will be no opening presents until the salads are made.  Here are some great ideas that your children could help with and will make a yummy addition to any Christmas Day menu:

Beetroot and pumpkin seed salad


Beans, celery, cucumber and melon


Broad beans, green beans and asparagus salad