Time for a dip



Tis the season of chips and dips.  Does anyone else feel like this?  It seems synonymous with summer.  Barbecues, picnics, the beach….and out comes the chips and dip.  These occasions make it somewhat essential to have these.  What started out as a treat at the start of the summer is now becoming a regular feature.  Not wanting to be the food meanie by saying no to such a ‘crowd pleaser’, I have been attempting some alternatives that create interest and excitement, with the hope of one becoming the new favourite.  Give it a go.

Try the usual – carrot sticks, but also try fresh new baby carrots, they are extra sweet, as well as novel.   Or try getting creative with the way you cut them.  Cucumber is another great option, even if some fussy ones require you to remove the seeds.  And then get creative – what about a variety of colours of capsicums, sliced into strips?  Or radishes or baby tomatoes on tooth picks?  Or making chips out of kumara or using rice crackers?

Here are some ideas for dips to get you started in your quest for your new kiwi favourite.


Pesto Spread and Kumara Chips

Herb Dip




Spiced Carrot Dip

Carrot Hummus