WELCOME to the brand new Family Blog!

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Welcome to 2013 and to the brand new vegetables.co.nz family blog.

I'm Kathryn, mother of 3 preschoolers and wife to a hard-working, non-cooking husband. I am a health conscious qualified chef, and I am always aware of what I am putting into my family's bodies. I aim, wherever possible, to feed them the best possible food I can.

Like most mums, I am relatively time-poor, so for me, meals have to be easy (unless I feel like getting my 'chef hat' on). However, easy doesn't need to be an excuse for serving unhealthy, processed foods.

This blog will be focused on vegetables, simply because vegetables are key to any healthy, balanced meal. Kids can give them a bad wrap, but in some ways, we, as parents can be responsible for making vegetables unappealing to our kids. Overcooked, out of season, blandly flavoured vegetables; who would want to eat them?

It's about getting the best out of every vegetable, understanding flavours, textures, and our children's palates.

I hope to do the hard work for you, so you can simply keep up to date with the blog and be inspired with new ideas and inspiration on how to feed your family (and you) interesting, nutritious and most importantly delicious, food, every meal, every day.

The next blog will be up soon, so keep checking the page for updates!