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School holidays and extra children staying.  Although I am known as the one that ‘makes you eat vegetables’, I see that as a challenge to get it done with as least resistance as possible.  In fact, I sometimes even manage to achieve a little excitement and enthusiasm.

These school holidays the challenge for my visiting extra children was to choose a vegetable in the supermarket that they had not eaten before (either at all, such as kale or swede or because they choose not to eat it ‘cos its gross’).

They then went online to and used the recipe finder to find a recipe that used the vegetable and that they had chosen.  Another way would have been to use the recipe finder before we went to the supermarket, to ensure that we got all of the ingredients in the selected recipe, however, I knew my vegetable hunters would change their minds once in store and want to choose a different vegetable anyway.  Which they did. So we ended up with recipes for 'next time' as well.

And the sneaky thing is, most of the recipes have at least 2 vegetables in them, so they are easily edging towards their 5 a day without a fuss. So set them to it, get your next few meals planned for you, and some enthusiasm about eating it, and maybe even a hand in preparing - recipe finder.