GirlBoss Alexia Hilbertidou on Gen Z


Alexia is a New Zealand social entrepreneur and the founder of GirlBoss New Zealand, a not-for-profit organisation which aims to empower women in leadership, entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering and mathematics. GirlBoss has attracted 10,500 members, and has become New Zealand’s second largest women’s network.

Alexia spoke about Gen Z at the recent Horticulture NZ Conference 2019. Gen Z covers 10-22 year old people and Alexia used Tinder [swipe right for yes, left for no] to illustrate Gen Z characteristics.

  • Realistic compared with millennials who are idealistic.
  • Competitive in a gamified way like Master Chef or NZs Got Talent.
  • Keen for leadership and development.
  • Scared – they have stopped smoking and drinking.
  • Want financial security, save money.

For more about Gen Z visit XYC University.

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