BLOG NEWS: Meat and three veg diet may offer more than first thought

A new study from Plant & Food Research offers hope to those who love red meat but worry about the effect it may have on their digestive system. Scientists have discovered that vegetables play a role in promoting healthy digestion of red meat.

Scientists investigating the effect of red meat consumption with and without fermentable carbohydrates (most fruits and vegetables) on the large bowel health in rats found that the impact of red meat consumption on bowel health may be reduced by consuming it alongside fermentable dietary fibre, such as that found in potatoes.

The 8-week study investigated the effects of cellulose, potato fibre, and potato-resistant starch on a range of gut health indicators in rats fed diets containing cooked red meat. The results showed that dietary combinations of red meat with potato fibre or potato-resistant starch had significant effects in the large bowel, including higher concentrations of beneficial bacteria and positive changes with respect to short-chain fatty acid concentration.

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