BLOG NEWS: Are you a Quality Crusader or a Strategic Saver?

The Kantar Media UK TGI Shopper describes seven mutually-exclusive archetypes of grocery shoppers – which one are you?

Convenience Kings are driven by convenience in general; locality, opening hours, parking, ease of use etc.

Ethical Empathisers are driven by ethical considerations such as Fair Trade, animal welfare, and protection of the environment.

Accustomed Acquirers are driven by routine, have a narrow brand repertoire, are more likely to be sole shoppers and tend to stick to tried and tested products/brands.

Promiscuous Purchasers are driven by value, are bargain hunters, have large brand repertoires, and don’t like the idea of sticking to only a few brands.

Quality Crusaders are driven by superior quality and are happy to pay a premium for it.

Conscious Connoisseurs are savvy and passionate shoppers who gain food knowledge from magazines, professionals and word of mouth, and they read ingredients and labels.

Strategic Savers are driven by the lowest price to meet a strict budget, and are attracted by sales and promotions, special offers and loyalty schemes.

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