Let's teach kids about eating fresh vegetables

The University of Chicago Center for Mathematics and Science Education has evaluated a school programme called ‘Delicious, Nutritious Adventures’ (DNA). The programme runs in 30 Chicago schools and teaches more than 5,000 children a year about healthy eating. It provides interactive and fun nutrition education classes and focusses on eating what is good for the body and the planet. The Study indicates that the programme helps kids:

  • Become interested in trying new foods.   
  • Believe healthy foods taste great.
  • Understand the importance of healthy eating.     
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables - 77% of parents said they agree or somewhat agree that their kids eat more vegetables, and 81% agree or somewhat agree that their kids eat more fruit after attending the programme.     
Let's teach Kiwi kids more about eating fresh New Zealand grown vegetables.

Visit the Resources section on the website for leaflets about increasing the amount of vegetables in Kiwi meals.

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