BLOG NEWS: New Zealand research – broccoli and brassicas fight cancer


Eat your broccoli – it really is good for you!

We all believe that the adage, ‘eat your greens because they’re good for you’ is true.  Now New Zealand research has shown that broccoli can limit cancer growth and the progression of the disease.

Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Asian varieties of cabbage and broccoli, turnips and swedes have all been highlighted in recently published New Zealand research. Professor Lynnette Ferguson from Auckland University’s, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences says the study shows that brassicas help wellness in general, as well as lowering cancer risk and regulating a cancer’s progress.

“All the brassicas have health benefits with broccoli being an excellent example of a vegetable with well-characterised properties in the maintenance of health and prevention of disease,” she says.

“The study shows that one of the main reasons broccoli is a ‘superfood’, as both as a cancer preventive and a cancer-retarding agent, is not due to one component, but because of the complex interactions between all its various nutrients and bioactives.”

Professor Ferguson’s study supports other international research that shows a correlation between high brassica intake and a reduction in cancer risk.

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