Summer is coming and it is time to enjoy fresh vegetables

Helen Jackson

Food writer Helen Jackson wins fresh New Zealand vegetables at a recent NZ Guild of Food Writers' event.

Summer is coming and a great range of fresh New Zealand grown vegetables are available to enjoy, cooked or raw.

Remember to store vegetables correctly - no vegetables or fruit should ever be stored in direct sunlight.

  • Vegetables to store in a well ventilated, cool dark place, include potatoes, kumara and whole pumpkins.
  • Vegetables to store out of the refrigerator in a cool place, include tomatoes, garlic, ginger and chilli peppers.
  • Vegetables to store in the chiller or crisper part of the refrigerator, include salad vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber, carrots, capsicums, sprouts, celery, radishes and spring onions.
To find out how to store a specific vegetable, go to the Select a Vegetable section of the website and choose the vegetable from the list.

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