BLOG NEWS: Vegetables are not on the NEEDN’T list!


A blacklist of 49 foods, heavy on calories but light on nutrition, has been drawn up to help combat obesity – and honey, muesli bars, whole milk and frozen yoghurt are all included.

However, fresh New Zealand vegetables are not on the list and should be included in everyone’s eating plans.

Check out for detailed information on specific New Zealand grown vegetables.

Then browse ‘Meal Ideas’ on the website to find recipes using fresh New Zealand grown vegetables. For example, there are over 100 recipes featuring tomatoes and 38 featuring kumara.

The 49 NEEDNT (non-essential, energy dense nutritionally deficient) food list was written by Otago University researchers as part of an obesity treatment research programme.

The researchers stress the list is a guide to help obese people identify which foods could be cut from their diet. More information on the ‘blacklist’ can be found at

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