BLOG NEWS: What is a serving size?


Have you ever wondered what a serving size means? As a guide, a serving is the amount of food you can comfortably fit into the palm of your hand.

Therefore, little hands = a smaller serving size.

Here are some serving sizes which come from the Ministry of Health (2005) Eating for Healthy Adult New Zealanders, Code 1518. Vegetables are cooked except for those marked* which are raw.

Beans½ cup70g
Broccoli½ cup80g
Cabbages*½ cup60g
Carrots1 carrot75g
Cauliflower½ cup70g
Celery*½ cup50g
Courgettes½ cup100g
Cucumber*½ cup75g
Kumara1 kumara135g
Leeks½ cup70g
Potatoes1 medium potato135g
Pumpkin½ cup110g

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