BLOG NEWS: Who is eating their 3+ servings of vegetables each day?

New Zealand fresh vegetables

Who is eating their 3+ servings of vegetables each day?
40% of 5–24 year olds
51% of 15-18 year old males
62% of 15-18 year old females

These figures are in the recently released New Zealand Food and Nutrition Statements for healthy children and young people.

The guidelines recommend that children and young people [aged 5-24 years] eat at least 3 or more servings of vegetables each day.

What is a serving?
135g kumara, taro or potato
1⁄2 cup cooked vegetables - broccoli, peas, corn, spinach, puha, beans, cauliflower
1 carrot (75g)
1 tomato (80g)

These servings should be taken from a range of different coloured vegetables from a wide variety of fresh or minimally processed New Zealand grown vegetables. Vegetable colours are: green - broccoli, spinach, beans; yellow/orange - carrots, pumpkin, yams; red - red capsicums, radishes, red onions; blue/purple - beetroot, eggplant, kumara; brown/white -onions, cauliflower, turnips.

Vegetables provide energy, carbohydrate, dietary fibre, vitamins (including vitamin A, vitamin C and folate) and minerals (including potassium and magnesium).

Go to Select a vegetable  and see what nutrients each vegetable contains or order our new resourceMake half your plate vegetables’ from the resource section.

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