Curious and creative

VegetablesA recent New Zealand study shows that people who ate more fruits and vegetables reported higher than average levels of curiosity, creativity, and positive emotions, as well as engagement, meaning and purpose.

New Zealand researchers have found a link between eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, and experiencing a higher level of eudaemonic well-being. In this study, recently published in the British Journal of Health Psychology, 405 university students kept a daily diary for 13 consecutive days. Each day, they recorded the number of servings they had of fruits, vegetables, desserts and various fried-potato dishes.

They also filled out a daily questionnaire intended to measure creativity, curiosity, and psychological flourishing. Specifically, they responded to statements such as "Today, I was engaged and interested in my daily activities” on a 1-7 scale (“strongly disagree" to "strongly agree").  They also responded to additional items designed to measure their general emotional state that day.

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