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Hearts ease pansy is an attractive edible flower that can be used for garnish. Available all year.

Calendula petals can be plucked and added to salads for a colourful salad. They are mainly used for decoration as there is little flavour. Available all year.

Cornflower petals can be plucked and added to salads for a colourful salad. Blue cornflowers are more likely to be found though pink and white cornflowers are also edible. Available November to May.

Marigold flowers are very similar to calendula, and they make an attractive edible garnish for many dishes. They can also be added sparingly to salads. The petals can be used in place of saffron and will give colour in many dishes, especially rice and egg dishes. Available November to April.

Young nasturtium leaves have a refreshing peppery taste similar to watercress. Both leaves and flowers can be eaten in salads. Pickled nasturtium seeds can be used as a substitute for capers. Nasturtium flowers are delicate and damage very easily. Available September to April.

Lemon verbena is available commercially and can be used raw to give a subtle lemon flavour to salads, chilled water or other drinks. Verbena flowers can be used as a garnish and are available in white and a range of pinks/reds. Available December to April.

Photo taken at the Food Writers' lunch in Raglan.

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