Gluten-free mania to liven up fresh food

Analyst Insight by Simone Baroke - Consulting Analyst (above)

Gluten-free eating is taking the world by storm. But it is not just all about gluten-free pasta, bread and biscuits. Exciting new opportunities are also emerging for fresh food, including starchy roots, vegetables and pulses.

The new generation of gluten-free consumers is really not that difficult to cater for as it cares less about purity, and more about choice and variety. In the past, the only people avoiding gluten were those individuals suffering from coeliac disease, an auto-immune condition in which the consumption of gluten causes the body to attack its own digestive tract. Nowadays, however, a growing number of consumers are eschewing gluten because they believe that their bodies are sensitive to this cereal protein in some way. They attribute a wide variety of persistent symptoms to gluten sensitivity.

There is also have the potential for vegetables to benefit. Weight-conscious gluten avoiders, in particular, are partial to replacing the carbohydrate part of a meal with vegetables, especially dense-textured types like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and other brassicas.

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