How to make half your plate vegetables

Remember the message, have ½ plate of vegetables on the dinner plate plus some potato or kumara and some protein such as lamb, chicken, beef or pork.

Enjoy the great fresh New Zealand grown vegetables available at this time of the year: brassicas such as cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli; or root vegetables like parsnip, beetroot and carrots. Add some Asian greens such as bok choy, tat soi or Chinese sprouting broccoli or kale. Asian vegetables are great chopped and steamed and served drizzled with a little sesame oil.

Make an autumn salad with baby spinach, grated beetroot and carrot, sprouted beans, finely sliced red onions and a vinaigrette.

Remember as the cooler weather arrives vegetables are great added to stews and braises; consider celery, pumpkin, parsnip, swede or turnip, as well as the ever popular carrot.

Look through the great selection of recipes available on this website for some delicious meal ideas.

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