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Whether you roast it, make it into soup or drink it as juice - beetroot is healthy and delicious. Open and download this poster here and try the recipes on it.

Beetroot contains a dietary significant amount of potassium and is a good source of folate.  Beetroot contains a unique group of red pigments called betalains, which may help boost the body’s detoxification processes and have anti-inflammatory activity.

To prepare beetroot - Trim root end and scrub. Leave skin intact until cooked to prevent colour loss. Peel or remove skin when cooked. For salads, use raw or cooked, grated or sliced. Peel, cut to size and roast; young beetroot may not need peeling. When boiling beetroot, do not break the skin or it will bleed and lose its colour. Before microwaving, pierce the skin or the beetroot may explode. The skin is easily removed once the beetroot is cooked. Wait until cool and rub the skin off.

For more information go to the Beetroot Select a vegetable page.

The recipes on the poster can also be found on the website: Beetroot and carrot juice; Beetroot with raisins; Beetroot and pumpkin seed salad; Cafe style soup; Roasted orange and vanilla beetroot.

For more beetroot recipes search for beetroot in the More vegetable ideas box on the home page.


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