Peas please

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Peas are one of the oldest known vegetables. For many centuries only dried peas were used in dishes such as pea and ham soup. In the 1500s, new varieties of peas with better flavour were developed and people started eating them fresh. Because they have a relatively short season peas grown in New Zealand are available deep frozen. Remember to buy frozen peas with the grown in New Zealand label

Snow peas

They are also known as mange tout, which translates into English as 'eat all'. Both the seed (pea) and the pod are eaten. They are almost completely flat with little bumps where the peas are inside thin pods.

Sugar snap peas, (or snap peas)

Sugar snap peas have rounded pods with thick pod walls which are edible. They are a cross between a green shelling pea and a snow pea, with 3-8 peas in the pod.

 Watch this video on NZ grown sugar snap and snow peas.

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