Summer and sweet corn

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Sweet corn is the perfect accompaniment for a summer meal, so here are our tips on how to make the most of sweet corn season!

What to look for

Choose sweet corn with fresh green husks and soft yellow to light brown tassels - the darker the tassels, the riper the sweet corn. The kernels should be plump, pale and tightly arranged. The kernels darken as the sweet corn matures. Varieties vary in sweetness and colour – yellow and white and sometimes bi-coloured. There is no consistent relationship between colour and sweetness, but the darker the colour the greater presence of carotenoids.


Refrigerate in plastic bags and use as soon as possible.

How to prepare

Remove husk and tassels, trim ends, cut as required. Boil: place the cob in boiling water and by the time the water has returned to boiling the corn will be cooked. Overcooking makes the corn kernels tough. Grill: wrap corn in aluminium foil blanch and refresh first. Barbecue: leave husk on. Microwave: leave husk on, and depending on the microwave's power, each cob takes 2-3 minutes on 100%. Cool before removing the husk and tassels. Kernels: To remove kernels from a raw or cooked cob, use a sharp knife to carefully cut off the kernels and use in salads and other savoury dishes.

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